• Ian may

    "only what is really oneself has the power to heal” - Jung


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    Psychotherapist / Coach / Trainer


    Based in Brighton (UK) & Online Globally


    Life is complex. Along with its many joys and satisfactions, most of us also experience stress, anxiety, depression, and sorrow at times. But you don’t have to live with the pain that these symptoms cause. Therapy can help.

    I try to help ordinary people who are struggling through a difficult time or life transition. My years of diverse trainings, many thousands of hours of working ‘in the room’ and life experience inform my practice.

    Together we will work as quickly as possible toward symptom relief while identifying the issues that need to be managed or resolved to improve the quality of your life.

    We can also engage in the deeper discovery of yourself and your creative potential.

    Overall, my intention is to help you feel more enlivened, gain self-confidence, become more successful in your career, and have more satisfying relationships. The cornerstones of my practice are support, collaboration, compassion, creativity and imagination.


    I do not believe that I know what is right for you. Some part of you knows, and together we will find it.


    Face-to-face and online available


    Please get in contact if this is of interest:


    Tel: 07939043759

    E: therapywithian@gmail.com